At the lowest setting our light meter read it at 14 lux, and then 13 lux after five minutes. This extra-bright bulb from Utilitech was the most affordable W replacement LED we tested, and it also offers best-in-class efficiency. While this was the the second-highest reading we measured in our tests the GE Reveal was a touch brighter at lux , each bulb was bright enough to fully illuminate a square-foot room without additional help, and we struggled to discern any qualitative difference between any of the bulbs at peak brightness. Philips’ standard 60W equivalent is a great pick if you’re using in-wall dimmer switches. If you just need a generic smart bulb, Cree’s Zigbee LED is affordable and it works with just about everything. Out of five units purchased, one was defective had occasional flicker All in all, you can see the upcoming promise of LED lighting, but the experience isn’t delightful yet.

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Best LED Light Bulbs for – CNET

But the differences are not visible to the naked eye unless two different bulbs are lighting the same space. Great color 60w dimmable led price that at this point cannot fimmable beaten. Cheaper in the store. Our Philips Warm Glow products. I have recommended them to all who come over and see them.

I have an entry way with 2 lights. If you ldd our links to buy, we may get a commission. Overall, however, the Cree provides better performance.

The Best LED Light Bulb

You can also send us a note or a tweetor find us on Facebook. Quiet operation, even when dimmed.

Philips lent us a version of this bulb for testing, but we quickly learned that this version will not be released until December. If you want the light from a high-CRI bulb 60w dimmable led performing tasks, or if you need to meet California standards, this model is fine. Dims very little; then goes out. Cree bulbs have the longest warranty at 10 years, and the TW series is notable for its high 60w dimmable led rating of This bulb is not dimmable, so technically 60w dimmable led did not qualify for our tests, but because it received a lot of attention for its low price and it met the rest of our criteria, we called one in for testing.


In this test, the brightest bulb, the GE Reveal, had virtually the same lux reading as the Cree 34 lux versus 33 lux and both just barely edged out the lux reading of our Philips runner-up, which registered a mere lux at its brightest 60w dimmable led. Learn more about cookies including how to disable them.

We’re still waiting for improved options in the candelabra category, but for now, these little LEDs from Cree offer improved color quality at a strong value.

Of all the bulbs we tested, this 60w dimmable led watt-equivalent bulb had the widest dimming range, spanning from lux at its brightest to just 13 lux at its dimmest. This Cree bulb has a CRI of 85, which is relatively high for the watt-equivalent category.

We also noticed some buzzing in our tests. There are still stories and misunderstandings going around. This bulb met all of our requirements and had nearly as wide a dim range as the Cree in our tests, but it costs slightly more per bulb and has a lower CRI. 60w dimmable led with the watt category, the price of competing bulbs has come down enough to warrant dmmable elsewhere.


Philips dimmable LED light bulbs with warm glow. Compact fluorescent light bulbs 60w dimmable led about lef third to a quarter of the energy of incandescents, and two to three 06w as much energy as LED bulbs.

Best LED Light Bulbs for 2018

We found it to be more dim dimmwble than the standard GE Soft White, but that effect was possibly due to 60w dimmable led dimmer. See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. If color accuracy is a high priority for you, the GE is probably the better choice so long as you can deal with a not-so-dim dim setting; if not, skip it.

Our editors hand-picked these products based on our tests and reviews. At a distance of 6 feet, the Philips measured 5 lux at the dimmest setting, holding constant after five minutes. Its availability is somewhat limited, however, and it has a slightly lower CRI than our main picks.

You can change your cookie preferences to enable comments. Let us shed light 60w dimmable led the most common myths to give you a clearer picture of how LEDs can work for you. They seem to have a pretty good light range. All four of the bulbs in the package produced a subtle hum. For a lower price than most other bulbs, this dimmable LED balances brightness, efficiency, a 60w dimmable led dimming range, and a high CRI of 85, producing warm and accurate light.