I have no issues with audio or anything else. Last edited by GottiBoi55; at Delete all of your partitions this will delete all of your data and install windows to your hard drive. What happens during a BIOS upgrade? Also, can I indeed install Windows 8. Results 1 to 8 of 8. The laptop came with everything and has a sticker on the bottom saying win 8, but no key there.

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It won’t touch the part where the key is embedded? So if I want to revert to Win 8.

This one is working great for me. Copy and paste the command below, then hit enter. Anyone have any suggestions? You do not have to extract your key from uefi to install W8. I can’t link to the Asus g75vw windows 8.1 Basic tool they use over there in that forum.

ASUS ought to fix this issue This will show you your OEM product key, using this “command prompt”. Last edited by Clintlgm; at Also look here Secure Boot Overview Hope this helps? When I reboot, windows asus g75vw windows 8.1 reinstalls the. Did you download and install the 8.


I’m sorry but Clint is wrong in this case. Shar p Aquos 32″. Even then not much. I realy like WIN 8. Create your windows 8.

This thread look for http: You just have to work around the problems. A few were sold with embedded key also. I’m still having issues, I turned windows asus g75vw windows 8.1 off, uninstalled all the audio drivers.

One thing when I cleaned installed I had the Window update turned off until I had all my drivers installed, then I let windows update. And did I understand correctly that Windows 8. If you want to install W8.

G75 windows and Sound Issues

Tags for this Thread asusg75vwdrivers wsus, installquationwindows. Thanks for the response Clint. Is there something that’s not compatible with my router or something is wrong with the driver?

This complicates a fresh install of Windows 8. ASUS needs to put out an update to allow it.

But this won’t help either since the windwos is that the W8 license key is not valid in the W8. Delete all of your partitions this asus g75vw windows 8.1 delete all of your data and install windows to your hard drive. Unfortunately this has given me a watermark on my lower right-hand corner informing me that Secure Boot is not configured correctly.


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Have you guys tried to download the latest Nvida drivers with the GeForce tool? I have everything working except the sound.