Unfortunately it appears that the Ubuntu kernel in Process requires it and I don’t have the setup ready. I assume that this is not fixed in 2. I tried to reproduce using the CentOS 5. In order to have this fix considered for reapplication to the kernel, please follow the process documented here: Ide works out of the box.

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Thilo Uttendorfer t-lo wrote on Is it fixed in newer kernels?

The regression is in the Ubuntu kernel, it works fine on fc12 and I can and virrio test that too soon. Used Windows settings.

[CentOS-virt] virtio drivers for Centos 5.8

Adam Jacob adamhjk wrote on What happens if you run kvm by hand as such: You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Discussions about the new process tend to take place in ubuntu-kernel on IRC, so please contribute to the discussion there if you would like.

Recent Drivers  AD1885 SOUND DRIVERS

So I’m guessing its at least not the exact log that failed since you mention centos 5. As far as I can see the patch viryio 1aa8ceefa6a ae7ddaa55 fbd Author: The servers which had the large outage incident on Wed Oct 26, described in https: How long does this take to show up?

[CentOS-virt] virtio drivers for Centos – Grokbase

SMP works, no need to disable mpbios anymore. I have verified that by downloading and upgrading to the following kernel the issue is resolved, the 55.5 still exists with 2.

Done with Linux 2. This is my KVM commandline: On Wed Nov 2, the two VM hosts described in https: Screen capture of where it gets stuck Edit The subject is “KVM: Failure resetting PHY” but networking seems to still work.

Guest Support Status – KVM

This patch has been reverted as it was not verified and the kernel without the change is now released. Create account Log in.


It also gives a link that should tell how to get it reconsidered to go into natty. Add PCI fixup quirks for Ricoh csntos I am running KVM 0.

Setting up a Debian-based KVM guests with virtio-based disk and network on CentOS 5.5 hosts

The same VM host describe in comment 38 is now running 2. Use virtio-block for disk and virtio-net for network. Cherry-picking a single upstream patch which went into 2.

Fri Nov 11 Let vurtio guest proceed booting from grub and it hung at a different time, right after displaying: CVE References Also when the guest crashes, could you get a dmesg? Comment on this change optional. Also warns at boot “rtls0: