This download supports the following devices only: Customers are also welcome to participate in our discussion forums to obtain further information. That transistor count versus the clockspeed defines your soundcard functionality. Hardware accelerated performance Get unbeatable performance with hardware accelerated audio that blows motherboard audio away. Conventional wisdom suggests that 2.

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Dolby Digital Live Connects to your home theater creative sound blaster x-fi fatal1ty through a single digital cable available separately for compelling 5.

X-Fi MB as a pure software solution has Windows as a system requirement [22] and thus does not provide Linux support. HT Omega Claro soundcard. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

We finally are stepping away from that good ol’ EMU10K audio processor that we all know and love from the Live! Creative claims it is the highest quality ever from a Creative sound card.

What you’re hearing is the volume and attack of audio “transients” like percussion or plucked strings being increased, giving music a more “aggressive” feel. A significant portion of the audio processing unit was devoted to this resampling engine.

With high-quality input and hardware audio processing, your teammates will definitely hear you loud and clear. An open source driver is available with OSS v4 build and above. On Thursday, we popped up to Birmingham to see creative sound blaster x-fi fatal1ty opening of Omega Sektor, the UK’s largest LAN gaming centre, to check it out and see if it can bring back multiplayer gaming as a social event.


Gaming headsets used to be a frivolous thing that people would laugh at you for wearing, fwtal1ty now they are an almost essential part of a game experience. The current version creative sound blaster x-fi fatal1ty on select laptops and desktops is X-Fi MB5.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS Specs – CNET

Overall, the SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS is an impressive piece of hardware that fulfils the key functions of a sound card better than any other consumer product. Enabling this fatzl1ty will apply special filtering algorithms in order to improve localization for sound sources located very close to the listener.

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The untouchable Audigy series had 4. I would recommend this device creative sound blaster x-fi fatal1ty families and small businesses who want one safe place balster store all their important digital content and a way to easily share it with friends, family, business partners, or customers.

Xtreme Audio that has a different chipset stayed unsupported for longer time. Follow the instructions on the screen. The master volume affects all of these settings.

Since its release X-Fi has caused several unsolved problems with sound glitches on various motherboards.

However, this is like resizing and sharpening a digital picture – the actual image sonud isn’t improved.

Microsoft Windows 7 includes basic driver support for many of the X-Fi series cards. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It’s a solid all-round card that’s well suited to music, movies and games. October saw a minor rebranding: Otherwise it is generally preferable to have it disabled as it does render the sound less dynamic, for instance lessening the impact of loud parts in movies, and also making music sound less lively. Creative sound blaster x-fi fatal1ty easy access even in dark environments with backlit buttons creative sound blaster x-fi fatal1ty activate the X-Fi gaming features instantly.


X-Fi MB is available in different versions e.

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The “compression” that is meant here creative sound blaster x-fi fatal1ty not the digital file-size reduction achieved by digital audio data compression technologies like for example mp3. This software includes support for Windows 8. Launch reviews did not support Creative’s claims of higher performance, however, with even the top-end 64 MB equipped model falling slightly behind the older Audigy cards. The audio processor on X-Fi was the most powerful at its time of release, offering an extremely robust sample rate conversion SRC engine in addition to enhanced internal sound channel routing options crwative greater 3D audio enhancement capabilities.

Click here to download the xfi drivers.

Hardware accelerated performance Get unbeatable performance with hardware accelerated audio that blows motherboard audio away.