What’s disappointing is that the screen is not wide-angle. Now most consumer notebooks have those glossy screens, and about the only explanation for this seems to be that DVD movies and photos look better on a glossy screen in typically dim home lighting lux. What is needed is as much contrast as possible, and for that you need to eliminate surface reflection. Provides better performance and its lack of moving parts is designed to provide greater durability. Indoors, things are different, of course. And the base model does not even come with the shockmounted hard drive. Fully compatible with the standard Latitude D, the Latitude ATG boasts a range of innovative features that can protect it from some of the harshest work environments and enhance its usability in demanding conditions.

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Above you can see the side views of the ATG.

Dell Latitude ATG D630

High Durability Textured Paint The Latitude ATG LCD back and edges are covered in a highly durable, textured paint that provides an additional layer of protection against scratches, scuffs and the daily wear that can come from working in demanding environments.

The ATG was designed for indoor atgg outdoor use, and to survive the occasional spill and somewhat rougher handling it may encounter outside offices, in more demanding work environments. So the added ruggedness and protection, and the daylight-readable display increase the cost quite a bit.

The Dell does have a superior outdoor-readable display and is relatively inexpensive. I still do not like the glossy displays not even on my big-screen TV dell latitude atg d630, and I am convinced that seeing an actual mirror reflection makes our brains fill in blanks and supply perceived and distractive detail.


What really makes dell latitude atg d630 mobile device screen readable outdoors.

Battery life results were much latituve the system lasted a strong 4 hours and 2 minutes with Wi-Fi enabled, which led the pack by a good margin. The Dell Semi-Rugged Testing Report states that ” the Latitude ATG meets military standards for vibration, humidity, dell latitude atg d630 and dust and is designed to protect against accidental bumps, moisture, and other elements that customers encounter working in the field. This is accomplished via the spill-resistant dell latitude atg d630, port covers, the shock-mounted hard drive and LCD, and high durability textured paint.

So Dell used what their website calls a “special non-reflective coating.

The matte screen simply diffuses the light, but it certainly reflects a lot. The second shows latiutde impact as the sun approaches the display, and the bottom one shows the direct reflection of the sun. It features a dell latitude atg d630 nit LCD display with anti-reflective coating, so the screen can be easily seen on even the brightest days.

Dell Latitude ATG D Series Specs – CNET

The pictures along the righthand column show the screen from various angles. Also available is a secondary ayg watt-hour Lithium-Polymer battery that goes into the media bay.

Our current favorite weights 2.

Users who want d63 ultra-mobile laptop with a full-sized keyboard, widescreen display, blazing graphics, and robust video chat capabilities.

So somewhat ruggedized notebooks like the ATG may be the way to go, but there they run into tough competition.

I cannot understand that trend. The ATG is the only Latitude notebook that has a glossy screen; all the other Latitude models all have matte screens — as is typically the case with most enterprise notebooks. Does the theoretical latiitude hold up in real life? What’s dell latitude atg d630 is a SD card slot. What you see is latjtude reflection of the lamp and window next to it!


The ATG D can be configured with various wireless components, such as dell latitude atg d630 So what did Dell do?

Rugged PC – Rugged Notebooks: Dell Latitude ATG D

The horizontal viewing angle is not an issue, and reflection indoors is less. But there is no arguing with Dell’s approach.

Perfect for industries like construction, manufacturing and oil and gas, as well as public organizations like police dell latitude atg d630, the Latitude ATG is designed to put ddell high-performance business laptop in an incredibly durable and usable package.

Email Name Comment Firstname. Be that as it may, while the ATG’s screen surface is a glossy screen, it definitely is an outdoor-readable one. On the other hand, dell latitude atg d630 you’re working in dark environments or at night, the Latigude special ATG task lights will illuminate the keyboard so you can stay productive anywhere. As is the case with most standard notebook LCDs, the vertical viewing angle is quite narrow so that you have to adjust the angle of the display when you use the computer.

Magnesium alloy case and LCD back; scratch-resistant paint. You can either use the touchpad with its left and atv mouse tabs below at, or you can use a knob pointing device mounted in the center of the keyboard, and that has its own left and dell latitude atg d630 mouse buttons right below the shift key.