Please be honest and transparent with us? We have been in touch with DisplayLink and they are currently working on a solution to restore video functionality to users who have already updated their macOS. As soon as a solution is available we will post details on our blog. Rev Dave 2 months ago Reply. I can find no reference to “displaylink” in any of Apple’s documentation. BTW, their customer support responds quickly. Is there a way that we can request a refund for the StarTech.

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The only displaylink osx route would be a displaylink osx class action suit or reporting to media the injustice of being taken advantage of due to faulty products. Is there a way that we can request a refund for the StarTech.

Do you guys displaylink osx an ETA on the final driver for We expect the driver to enable one extended p screen, and one displaylink osx screen connected to a DisplayLink device. Users who have already updated to There will always be the creative business professionals, who will never be satisfied with the limitations displaylink osx DisplayLink; they always plug into DisplayPort or at least HDMI for the highest possible graphics quality and resolution on their high-end monitors.

Troubleshooting: Mac OS X

Any details of when this update will be made? Please reach out displaylink osx us directly atOption 4, so we can look into this with you and help find a solution. Displaylink osx that Apple is the minority in Enterprise asking to spend additional funding just results in the phase out of apple machines in this environment.


We appreciate your feedback and support. Displaylink osx is a point release and the release notes do not call out that they are breaking functionality. Just push it out and go Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. All these devices that used to function with a MAC no longer do so. I have waited patiently as your support site states that a fix is under way. Functionality such as Ethernet and audio, where implemented, is unaffected.

Displaylink no longer working – Apple Community

I appreciate your effort to resolve this. We are aware that installing macOS version Apple is making it displylink difficult to integrate their products into displaylink osx mixed environment.

Hi Rev Dave, sorry we still do not have a timeline for the fix to be available. This product displaylink osx to be updated soon????? I’ve given up on your product sox “team”.

The driver DisplayLink Installer 4. Thank you, one and all. We will let users know on our blog as soon as an update is ready so please continue to check back. We displaylink osx made displaylink osx progress towards identifying a solution, however our team needs to complete more work before we can communicate a release plan for a driver that displaylink osx restore extended mode displays.


I just wish Apple listened more dis;laylink consumers and understood what us IT professionals have to deal with in a business environment. Since there is no immediate fix or workaround for this issue, StarTech.

Apple Mac DisplayLink Driver Installation and Removal Instructions – Plugable

You can subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified when updates are posted to the blog by visiting this link: I would love if they gave people an option and maybe make displaylink osx usbc Mac and another slightly thicker with displaylink osx ports. I’ll update how well it works when it arrives in a couple of days. We do not regard displaylink osx as a long-term solution and will continue to pursue any paths to restore extended display support on macOS.

All additional DisplayLink screens will be cloning the primary display.

I don’t have airplay. Fine for a major release but an displaylink osx that is intended to be a bug fix should not cease existing use.