I tried everything in the manual, everything their tech suggested and everything I could think of short of wiping the hard drives and reinstalling the OS. Putting five static titles over the sequence, we began to see render indicators but these renders some fairly complex with titles over transitions chugged along and finished in less than a minute. They’ll also talk about write transfer rates but sometimes they mean peak transfers in burst mode – writing from the buffer to the platters, not sustained rates from the computer to the platters. This is why we gave the RT’s editing suite a full run through separately. NIC cards can be problematic and you might want to disable them during capture sessions. Alpha Magic FX is a group of gradient effects for non-traditional transitions that can be very effective and useful in enhancing creativity.

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Installation was a snap. Pinnacle’s main capture settings preferences window.

Test Proceedures I evaluated each of the four dv5500 based on six basic criteria: I shot indoors with poor lighting and outdoors with quick pans from bright sunlight to dark dg500. Problem handling was fair. Most people don’t know what to look for when adjusting a monitor and are perfectly happy with what they have.

The installation procedures for a full installation are complicated. Matrox systems prefer to work with particular boards and are happiest with Matrox graphics boards – surprise, surprise.

That seemed to confuse the encoder a bit and it stopped recording.

Pinnacle DV500 PLUS Video Capture Board and Editing Software Review

There was my clip running full-screen, bozrd with no glitches or heavy artifacting at all. I would not recommend using LCD displays since colors shift drastically depending on your viewing angle and their color reproduction isn’t as good as a CRT.

Recent Drivers  LG-C570F DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Capture quality Software bundle Ease of installation Ability to deal with problems such as difficult scenes, extra-large files, lost sync, etc.

If you can get the Pinnacle DV Plus working it’s great. The only other problems that I encountered were when the tape lost picture and sync. With the arrival of Premiere 6.

The software bundle is impressive and the capture quality near perfect. At this time Dazzle cannot guarantee full compatibility with every PC containing an Athlon processor.

Capture quality is top notch, it handles problems well, and the manuals are good. You may even find that a properly calibrated monitor looks ‘funny’ or too dark.

Yes you can transfer DV video straight into your computer via IEEE but what are you going to do with it once it’s in there? In real time, you’re able to bring that brightness level up to the normal range, without out rendering.

Pinnacle DV Fixer by Zap – fixes header of Pinnacle DV AVI files

Evaluation, Continued Since we have covered the digital video editing capabilities of the RT, I wanted to really focus on the capture quality.

The most common problem with installing video capture devices arises from IRQ conflicts. But installing the system on the Micron was also a snap so I’d have to give ADS high marks in this area.

While the required system specs seem reasonable enough on the surface it turns out that the board is very, very picky about what motherboard you have, what chipset the motherboard has, what features in the bios are enabled or disabled, the PCI bus performance, which IRQ it gets 9,10, or 11what slot it’s in one or two away from the AGP slotwhat graphics card you have, what software you may or may not have had installed on your system before you start the installation, what drive you install Premier on, what order you install things in, and on and on.


Two drones intentionally shut down a major UK airport. As far as I know, virtually every capture system comes with some bundled software that will at least allow you to capture video. I’m not saying the standard bundle has bad or simply consumer-level software, but the Platinum bundle is stronger in all areas.

The images were crystal clear, never over or under saturated and the real-time editing and effects were smooth.

DV Shower Commode

Dazzle’s pop-out configuration panel. Granted, the HP people have done some pre-configuration for the x but it still seemed almost too easy.

Hollywood FX Copper transitions main screen.

When I pressed the play button I was amazed. The capture quality was nearly flawless. If you want to do real time 3D effects, it’s not going to happen with the Bkard WindowsME, and 98 SE.