Had to add regular user to group lp for xsane to work. You can use VueScan company hamrick – paid software to run in 32bit mode under 64bit , but it also supports button control and doesn’t randomly break. Detected with genesys driver, works fine and fast. SANE will not find the scanner. Will work under vmware windows session pass through USB.

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You cannot test it in YaST, start Kooka and click the “preview scan” button to see it works.

You may use, reproduce, modify and distribute the Program subject to the terms and conditions below. You may neither reverse engineer, reverse compile, reverse assemble nor otherwise attempt to analyse those parts of the Program that were provided to you in executable or object code only. By installing Xsane-package Lide can be opened on the desktop. The hardware buttons don’t work. Had to add regular user to group lp.

Linux Scanner Driver Download

Detected with genesys driver, works fine and fast. Will work under vmware windows session pass through USB. Had avasgs add regular user to group lp for xsane to work.


Autodetected, Yast offered genesys driver. First need to install drivers from Brother support page and then follow their instructions.

SANE will not find the scanner. All in one device, openSUSE This works, but I experience random communication fails with iscan, scanner requires restart.

[ubuntu] Epson Avasys Image Scan! – change defaults?

Direct connection to the machine by the delivered cable makes it reliable. Some functionality is missing – film scanner for example and button control. Works without problems after the brother driver is installed. Installed and used on OpenSuse The device driver backend carries a similar exception to provide for the use of plugins.

Downloads Avasyd Epson scanner’s drivers does not have any download files registered with Launchpad. Also, it only worked for root same in To work under 64bit systems install the 32bit compatible libraries. The driver “FBP” is available.

The device information files provided by iscan-data must be installed prior to the installion of Image Scan! To get it to work for a user, had to. Such sources should include a verbatim copy of this License. Laptops – Desktops – Servers – Virtual Machines. Detected automatically with plustek driver, works fine and fast. Retrieved from ” https: Epson Perfection Photo is ID 04b8: See Parallel port scanners.


When selecting an area from the preview, the scanned area is offset, so scanning a larger area and cropping the image manually might be necessary. It works fast on all offered features. The device drivers it provides can be used by any other SANE standard compliant scanner utility. It works if you follow these instructions. Canon offers drivers on their website.