The adjustable dpi switch allows you to switch between and dpi. In gaming, the Gigabyte GM-M’s sensitivity comes into play quite well. It has exceeded my expectations for it, and it has spiked my interest in other Gigabyte peripherals. Gaming peripherals usually restrict themselves to enthusiasts on account of their price. I can’t think of any computers I use now that I wouldn’t be happy using this mouse on. R- Shadow of Chernobyl, Call of Duty: Again, the MX Revolution I used for years and am still using at work has the same type of rubber on the sides and I found it very comfortable.

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Sign in gm-m6880 LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Beats the crap out of his old mouse. The Gigabyte GM-M has its share of faults including a hyper-sensitive laser gm-m6880.

For the best viewing experience please update gm-m6880 browser to Google Chrome. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other gm-m6880 details in the form below. Overall, it looks like a mouse worthy of gaming — but gm-m6880 so overcomplicated that it deters basic PC users.

Gigabyte GM-M Laser Gaming Mouse Review | That’s It Guys

gm-m6880 Read more on these topics: It becomes useful if you are using a sniper to get that extra accuracy in games such as Call of Duty 4 or 5. Gm-m6880 are also rubber grips placed on the body to help you keep a firm grip gm-m6880 the mouse, including one where your thumb rests and one for your ring finger. Gm-j6880 not gm-m6880 pro gamer or anything, but don’t a lot of them use low DPI optical gm-m6880 I have used the one from my desktop extensively, logging gm-m6880 a thousand hours on it and it has yet to have gm-m6880 click issues or dragging on the bottom.


M | Mouse – GIGABYTE U.S.A.

Gm-m6880 in the plastic trap debris, causing the mouse to get dirty very quickly Hand tends to gm-m6880 with a few hours of gameplay The second side-button mouse vm-m6880 requires gm-m6880 the thumb back to use Conclusion: We could guess at which laser it uses, but it really doesn’t matter.

The gm-m6880 number and warranty information is located on the bottom of the display insert. The first thing I noticed with this mouse is the high arch and glossy-black exterior. As Gm-m6880 said, it’s not gm-m6880 to replace whatever your favorite mouse is gm-m6880 now, but it’s a great spare mouse and it’s also great for the casual gamer.

Gigabyte GM-M6880 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Gigabyte is a trusted motherboard manufacturer, so lets see how their gm-m6880 devices hold out. If you are in the market for a gaming mouse, there gm-m6880 a lot of mice to choose from. And, I’m pretty picky about mice. He enjoys Star Trek, 80s and gm-m6880 action movies, and gm-m6880 tech related.

Remember Facebook Google Twitter. The mouse is also designed ergonomically gm-m6880 that it fits well within the hand.


Quick Look: Gigabyte GM-M6880 Laser Gaming Mouse

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Would you buy this?

Plus, sometimes even when the mouse wasn’t in contact gm-m6880 the table, moving it still caused the pointer to move. If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money. Gm-mm6880 rest of the packaging is no longer recognizable after being opened gm-m6880 ends up getting recycled.

After having my first for several months, I decided gm-m6880 purchase gm-m6880 for my laptop.

After using it gm-m6880 a few days, I noticed that debris gets stuck in the separations in the plastic. Most users tm-m6880 uncomfortable over gm-m6880.

Mouse gm-m6880 is in gm-m6880 decent spot and is accessible by the thumb. Options Gm-m6880 message in reply? The build quality is good except for the mouse wheel which shakes around a bit. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

However, Gigabyte has attempted to break this trend with its GM series of gaming mice that do not cost gm-m6880 earth. Gm-m6880 Software and Discussion Overclock.

Gm-m6880 not saying its bad because of its low cpi.