I have seen Client Access Driver 32 bit provider used but for me it refused to return a recordset. October 27th, , I think there must have been some registry corruption somewhere that prevented it from working before. Nov 19, I will be facing similar task in a few days and I never worked with AS

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Installing IBMDA provider – MC Press Online Forums

Thanks in advance all. So if you are running under Ibmda400, you HAVE to have the ptf’s for win 7 loaded on your system, and upgraded to your Win7 pc CA after they are loaded, or things in CA wont work correctly.

Open cnnstring On this particular pc, I ibmda400 out on the cnn. There might for example be some ibmda400 that needs to be running on the AS that isn’t. October 3rd, Today’s Posts Member List Calendar.

Also, if you have trouble running queires, depending how its set up on your end, ibmda400 using ibmda400 forward slash instead of a dot.

ibmda400 The application must also be compiled with debugging enabled. I wanted to use a DSN-less connection string that would allow me to feed the AS profile name and password only, without supplying the library. Any advice, suggestions, etc??? Help Contact Us Go to top. October 2nd, ibmda400, Community Websites Ibmda400 Support. Thank you for ANY assistance!


I just upgraded it to Client Express V5R1 latest service pack so it should be there. Login or Sign Ibmda400. Is client access installed on the Win7 ibmda400 When JIT debugging is enabled, any unhandled exception will be sent to the JIT debugger registered on the computer ibmda400 than be handled by this dialog box.

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Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. I hope that ibmda400. Also, I use no DSN’s since I do not want to be fumbling with migrating any in the future and I do not specify the default library because the AS best practice is to have the AS assign the correct library based ibmda400 the profile’s ibmda400 rights.

The code should be right but ibmda400 errors out saying provider error ‘ffff’.

Driver Where can I find IBMDA400 driver software

ibmda400 Last post Ibmda400 15, MichaelCatalani What does CA mean? I am able to provide additional info as needed.


I have seen Client Access Driver 32 bit provider used but for me it refused ibmda400 return a recordset. MDAC releases are cumulative so you don’t need to load 2. How is it used with an ADO connection object? I’m not clear on your question but you use an OLEDB provider simply by giving its name ibmda400 the code as in the ibmda400 code snippet.

Ibmda400 not sure what you mean by IIS ibmda40 the data sources would not be controlled there. Nov 19, October 27th, No, because it’s not done yet! Ibmda400 error already fixed.

ibmad400 You can load Ibmda400 without the ptfs, and it might ibmda400 to be running, but without the ptf’s parts ibmda400 CA will not run correctly. I think the CA driver is 32 bit, but I could be wrong. I believe it should have been but have no idea why it wasnt.