Fan the pages well and stagger them at an angle. To take advantage of low rates, you can store the access codes or long-distance carriers and credit card numbers as One-Touch and Speed Dial numbers. After a few rings, the LCD shows the telephone number of your caller or name, if available. The Group Setup dialog box appears: See Using the copy keys Temporary settings on page You can enter information in each field If you are sending a fax to more than one recipient, the recipient information will not be printed on the Cover Page.

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Then press select ix2700. If toner scatters on your hands or clothes, ix2700 wipe it ix2700 or wash it with cold water. File attachments Items are mailed as file attachments using the file type you have selected. Page If a toner cartridge is left unpacked for a long i2700 of time, the toner life is shortened.

Smartoners – Ink and Toners – ix Cartridges and Supplies

The Scan Action tab is ix2700 to E-mail and should not be changed. Delayed Batch Transmission Before ix2700 the delayed faxes, ix2700 machine will help you economize by sorting all the faxes in the memory by destination and scheduled time.

Pull out the I2x700 tray support flap. Page Scan ix2700 File To configure the Scan to File feature, left click on the Scan to File button and the following screen will appear.


Examples of poor print Recommendation quality Make ix2700 that paper is loaded properly. If the machine detects errors ix2700 fax ix2700, if resends ix2700 pages of the fax that had an error. Pull the jammed paper out of the fuser unit. Automatic fax transmission Sending a ix2700 without picking up the Monitor handset of an external phone or pressing Automatic Redial A feature that enables your machine to redial the last fax number if the fax did not go through ix2700 the line was busy.

Choosing a location Place your machine on a flat, stable surface that is free of vibration ix2700 shocks, such as ix2700 desk. If you selected a text file in Step 1, the Files of type: Scan Lets you access Scan mode.

Press to select Thin, Should your ix develop a problem that cannot be remedied using maintenance troubleshooting procedures outlined in this manual, please contact the Imagistics National Diagnostic Center at Unplug the ix2700 from the telephone wall jack.

After a few rings, the LCD shows the telephone number of your caller or name, if available. This quality drum unit ensures consistent and optimal output every time you print. Page To change the file type of the attachment click the Link Preferences button to set ix2700 links.

Imagistics ix2700 User Manual

Multi-line connections PBX Most offices use a central telephone system. Accessories Ix2700 Accessories tab The Accessories Tab includes the settings for configuring the ix2700 driver for the size of paper loaded in each paper source. Right-click the Copy and click ix2700 Configuration.


You can select the scanner settings from each of the Scan Type ix2700 for the Custom buttons. Do not put more than 3 envelopes in the MP tray at any one time, or it may cause ix2700 jam. ix2700

Plain paper, recycled paper and transparencies, envelopes Multi-purpose Ix27000. The Send Fax dialog box appears: Simply cut ix270 the card and fold it to fit your wallet or organizer. Right-click Scan ix2700 File and click on Configuration. Scan to File When you select Scan to File you can scan a black and ix2700 or color original and send it directly to a PC ix2700 designate on your network.

Important — about the interface cable A shielded interface cable should be used ix2700 ensure compliance with the limits for a Class Ix2700 digital device.

Multiple Page The Multiple Page selection can reduce the ix2700 size of a page ix2700 multiple pages to id2700 printed on one sheet of paper or enlarging the image size for printing one page on multiple sheets ix2700 paper. To change ix2700 default graphics application right-click on the button and select Configuration. Error messages As with any sophisticated office product, errors may occur.