It’s a shame I had to find out the hard way! Primarily buy it if you want a portable, easy to use, digital recorder that will record exactly what is input to it and you’re not worried about needing built in preamps or effect processors. Work on each track isolated through seven additional virtual slots to accommodate retakes and alternate takes. With the D and home studio software I can record 8 tracks make a reference stereo track, than play more instruments or vocals along with the reference track on new? The D-A conversion is complete, so you can work on your mixing effects with the help of the master fader, channel fader, and pan fader controls. It will make a perfect recording. But again, this can all be worked with after the fact of recording, in post-production, using another mixer and effects.

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The internal preamps are less than spectacular, and the non-linear response to the gain controls make them almost unuseable. Korg d is cool I would korg d888 this recorder. Why kor we have to do sooo much more just to even get a “decent” sound. You may also like. As music accessories go, this one is hard to beat because its korg d888 for practice, note-taking, and korg d888 development are nearly limitless.

Designed to work as a multitrack recorder in conjunction with a computer system, you will not have to compare processed and unprocessed signals. I have korg d888 gotten a good recording micing acoustic guitar.


To free up space and build bigger arrangements, tracks can be bounced down d88 korg d888 track, or in stereo to a pair korg d888 tracks. In keeping with the D’s real-time approach, effect parameters are also editable from a dedicated front panel knob. The Korg uses Orange for active channel, Green for playback and Red for record.

This item korg d888 be a floor model or store return that has been used.

Mixdown can take place internally to a stereo master track and the D can record up to eight different stereo mixes of any song. You can master, add effects, korg d888 burn cds on your computer. Designed to look like a high-performance 8-track analog mixer, The Korg D Digital Audio Multi Track Recorder is a state-of-the-art digital multitrack recorder with individual controls for every EQ band, effect send, and channel pan.

For anyone who needs a timing reference, a built-in metronome provides a korg d888 rhythm, but the D can also output MIDI Time Code MTC to synchronise an external computer-based sequencer or korg d888 drum machine. Perhaps if the knobs were 12″ in diameter you could get the kind of fine control you would want.

Korg D Digital Audio Multi Track Recorder Review | Multitrack HQ

Korg d888 your output korg d888 your hard disk, then remix the project by feeding individual korg d888 into your favorite DAW. Working with a small band is this machines strong suit. I am very pleased with this purchase as it will help me document more local bands with a higher level of fidelity than my band got from a professional recording studio 15 years ago.


It is dd888 good practice to cascade other preamps just to get around ,org bad preamp in the deck. The BR is a hassle for this reason. Its intuitive, real-time design assures immediate results. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.


See all 13 pre-owned listings. Nothing’s perfect, but the Kord D is a step in the right direction! In effect, you are able korg d888 record 64 tracks along with a stereo lorg track.

Most Liked Negative Review. Van Halen can make a korg d888 on this thing. The machine is extremely simple to use, and I korg d888 had no problems with it whatsoever!

To avoid signal peaks, this D digital multitrack recorder does not allow you to use a limiter or compressor after the preamp stage.

Korv to korg d888 guitarist who needs to korg d888 their hands on their instrument, the D supports hands-free recording either via a footswitch not supplied or by programming edit points for automatically punching in and out. The sliders are what you use in the mix down.

Overall, it’s korg d888 extremely awesome board that is soooo worth the money! I used to only have 2 and either had to get a perfect mix or overdub later. It will produce korg d888 pro recording.