They are not identical to the ‘s holders, though. If the original film is a bit overexposed, whatever highlight information is in the film will be recorded more completely than was possible with the previous model This allowed me to experiment with various types of images. The II gets more and better image information out of both highlights and shadows, providing much more effective adjustment of local contrast. Flash looks good and works good. You never have to crop or configure multiple target areas.

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I have scanned both with and without on the same image to see any difference. Minolta 5400 Scanner Nikkor ED 7 image resized to pixels. Minoltta all Minolta models minolta 5400 provide HSS capabilities at this poi White LED Power requirements: We are happy to provide answers promptly and professionally. And, you can use Digital ICE to produce a bit raw file that is free of dirt and scratch defects. As with any USB peripheral, you should mimolta the software before installing the hardware.

E Two special notes. With a manufacturer-rated optical density of 4. It corrects image characteristics minolta 5400 people, nightscapes, trees and skies. If your images are not 24x36mm 35mm frames, forget it. Two pre-built profiles are installed: Protruding from the bottom of the face plate minolta 5400 mknolta Manual Focus dial.


Scanner Review: Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II

The metal case of the original has been replaced by a white plastic box that can stand up without assistance. On a shooting trip through British Columbia I was shooting mostly 4×5, but had some black and minolta 5400 film in a 35 and made some exposures minolta 5400 the same scenes also done on 4×5.

The scanner goes through an initialization stage blinking its indicator lamp before it’s ready to get to work. Show signs of moderate minolta 5400.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite review: Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite – CNET

So it seems that the Minolta lens is working at less than 1x and the Nikkor is designed to work at more than 1x. Apart from powering the scanner on minolta 5400 off and loading film holders, you really don’t need 55400 access it. Appearance of the item Body minolta 5400 tiny scratches. The stand helped keep that narrower, longer minolta 5400 upright.

An unstable tripod and head becomes very apparent with scans from the Minolta Dimage The wafer test target.

Close-up Photography

So if high quality 35mm minolta 5400 scanning is on your minllta list, this minolta 5400 a great way to get it done. Raf camera came through again on this project. This was less of a problem with the new II.


For more information and a full list of specifications, visit Konica Minolta’s website at: Emulsion down, right reading.

Nikon rates the similarly priced Coolscan V at just 4. Minolta doubled the resolution of most minolta 5400 scanners and even beat the top models from Nikons Coolscan dpi scanner line. This allowed me to minolta 5400 with various types of images. It does not include a copy of SilverFast. You can even configure the Quick Scan button to run minolta 5400 Batch utility. It minolta 5400 you step-by-step through the scanning process, with buttons to enable all the advanced features and even an edit option to adjust the final image beyond what the scanner likes.

What impressed us especially was how easy it was to confuse a color negative conversion with a slide capture. Appearance of the item Excellent.