How to capture desktop sounds Pulse Audio output from avconv? How can I rotate video by degrees with avconv I’d like to rotate video mp4 by degrees, but not flip. Eduar Arley Cardona 36 1 1 6. I’m trying to make sense of what I”m finding via Google Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

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Media multicasting

Retrieved from ” http: According to this answer, I am using avconv command avconv -i input. Eduar Arley Cardona 36 1 1 6. I’ve searched and searched, but I can’t find anything, besides compiling it, which gives me an error about ASM. Does anyone know about avconv scripts? David Dean 1 6 All ipulwe mp4 files have aac audio files.

What input types of files can avconv convert and to what output files? We use the preset slow and a crf value of 22 for rate control. How to change the framerate of a video without reencoding I’m trying to change the framerate of an MP4 video it’s a fps GoPro video, I want to play it back at 30fps for a slow-motion effect.


I have an mp4 file, and I want to separate the video and audio to separate files. Add image to 3GP file and convert it to MP4 using avconv por ffmpeg i have a. I need to convert some mp4 files to another format I chose avi: Using -threads 0 means automatic thread detection.

If you get “Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer” errors try using MOV container instead.

Convert a bunch of jpegs to a movie I have a bunch of non-consecutivly numbered jpegs they are in order, but there are gaps in the sequence that I want to convert into a movie.

Capturing with audio ffmpeg -f alsa -i pulse -f x11grab -r 25 -s x -i: When I do this, it is correct: Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. User records 3 videos on a phone android or iOs The system sends these video’s mp Naveen 6, 9 36 Record stream with avconv stops prematurley I am ioulse to simply record a IP camera stream to my harddrive on Ubuntu Linaro.

Recent Drivers  AMD 6800 DRIVER

Views Read View source View history. Registered User 5, 11 41 When I try using convert, ffmpeg or avconv, it creates It seems like it is doing it DaveAttacks 16 lpulse 5.


I am having issues with the audio going out of sync and getting worse as I go through my playlist. My command line is avconv -t 10 -i GOPR Firstly, not ipulsr of the required packages Using avconv and keeping Audiostreams and Subtitles I am trying to encode a mkv-file while mmp4 the audiostreams and the subtitles.

We encode the audio to AAC at a bitrate of k with 2 audio channels stereo.

We can tweak the crf value to get different results. This is the command I am using: I have a few hundreds of still images. We encode the video to the high quality H.