If you selected [ON], proceed to step Printing Highlights – Deliver single-sided output at 25 pages-per-minute, or duplex at 7 pages-per-minute. Displays the communication status. Page 75 Press [Confirm Numeric keys]. Transmit the document again. Page Setting Login Screen Select the screen displayed when a user logs in.

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– Overview-MFX Features

Page Enter the password, and click [Next]. The shortcuts registered here can be recalled when operating the machine.

Page Specify the name and location to save the file, and click [Save]. Page 47 Enter the account and password, and click [Login].

My MFP shortcuts The muratec mfx 2570 functions can be assigned: Copying Highlights -Legal-size platen glass captures multipart forms, carbon papers, plastic identification cards and more. Muratec mfx multi-function machine operating instructions general reference 54 pages. Page Item User List Displays a list of the users. Checking the Print Job Mkratec You can check the document print job history. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. When editing, select the job you want to edit, and press [Edit].

Muratec mfx 2570 the Destination Before Transmission You can prevent the transmission of faxes to the wrong destination by setting the machine to require the entered destination to be confirmed or muratce twice before transmission.

Setting Templates, Setting Document Names Setting Templates OfficeBridge enables you to register templates to muratec mfx 2570 users when they enter information. MFX The MFX features innovative document solutions such as single pass duplex color scanning, direct USB printing and scanning, shift-sort document output, embedded document indexing and an intuitive touch screen interface that combine to deliver exceptional multifunction performance to the desktop. Setting Function Protection Note To set function protection, it is necessary to set an administrator password see page and protect passcode see page in advance.


Printing the User Usage Management List Prints a list of the number of pages each user muartec used for each mode, and total results for the charges and communication times. The machine muratec mfx 2570 not operate Status Things to check Countermeasure The machine does Is the power cable firmly Check the power switch and power plug.

Setting Login Screen Select the screen displayed when a user logs in. Wipe muratec mfx 2570 touch panel with a soft cloth.

Error Messages, Communication Errors Error Messages When a transmission error occurs, or there is a problem with the machine, the information lamp will illuminate, and an error message will be displayed or printed.


Muratec mfx 2570 The Archive Settings Specifying muratec mfx 2570 Archive Settings When the machine transmits and receives documents via fax or e-mail, you can transmit those documents to a specified destination via fax, or store them in a specified shared mmuratec.


Erased Document Notification Erased Document Notification When the image data stored in memory is erased by accident, a notification will be printed as soon as the power recovers, listing information about murxtec erased image data. Enter the job name, and press [Enter].

Function Protect Settings You can use the administrator password to manage various functions. Initiliaze You can initialize the service Service Setting Enter the address of the secondary DNS server, and press [Enter].

Muratec MFX-2570 User Manual

The displayed documents are the same muratec mfx 2570 all users. In this chapter, the procedure for using Internet Explorer is used as an example. Note Take care when importing the machine settings, as all the information registered by users including documents will be erased.

The default setting is [Stand-Alone]. Select the cover muratec mfx 2570 to attach from muratecc pull-down menu. The import process starts. Note Cannot be set when an insertion object is selected.

Enter the prefix to add before the fax number using the numeric keys, and press [Enter]. Transmit the document again. In such muratec mfx 2570 case, contact your authorized Muratec dealer.