These modifications are designed to improve head stability. On the heel of the G15 there was a loss of yards. I play x per week in IA, age 57, handicap They also are conforming so if your club or tournament is adopting the rule earlier than necessary, you will be ready to go. I could NOT hit the Burner 5 iron well at all. It was just towering shot after towering shot with these irons. These clubs are seriously very, very, long.

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Not only you guys at the Sand Trap have the most in depth reviews, you have the best pictures anywhere of the items you review. On the heel ping g15 offset the G15 there was a loss of yards. Fortunately, I hit the clubs using a launch monitor later on in the day and found out that I was hitting the ball offsdt three to five yards farther but was completely wrong about why.

All the reviews I have looked at are right, ping g15 offset best clubs for the mid to high handicapper, but could also be a great addition to the scratch players bag easily. Standard specs for the irons are as follows: Once again, it’s a credit to the fitting I got at Ping’s Tournament Division that regardless of where I’ve addressed the ball, I still can hit them in the center fairly often but trajectory and ping g15 offset was inconsistent.

These clubs are seriously very, very, long.

I talked to a few people too. I attributed that to the new groove complicance, but I also need to get used to them.

Still trying to get use to looking down at address for the pffset. Since we’ve had miserable weather in the Mid-Atlantic the past week or so I’ve done ping g15 offset inside work on the basics. The generous off-set helped square up the face at ping g15 offset for the average golfer, but Ping balanced that off-set with that huge weight in the toe.

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Ping G15 Drivers

After reading your post I took the 8 iron and was swinging it slowly on the rug could feel the ping g15 offset bounce off the rug. I have recently improved the situation by trying to hitting accross the far side of the ball on the downswing trying ping g15 offset concentrate on a in to out path i think.

Design and Technology Like its predecessor, the G15 is odfset oversized iron designed for players seeking maximum forgiveness. In trawling the site a found eight sets of the GI made a few online queries which were quickly responded to, and two days later the clubs arrived in Co Down. It has given me great confidence in hitting it from the fairway, even on a tight ping g15 offset.

I had a set of Ping g5 irons and thought the irons had too much bounce from the fairway. The cushin eliminates shock on any mis-hits, and the soft-regular flex is giving me perfect distance.

Too much offset??

Frank Dyball 0 out of 1 people found the ping g15 offset review helpful. I registered and purchase a set of G15 Ping Regular shaft on golfbidder only last week 17 October. According to the launch monitor, my launch angle was actually higher with the G15s than the G10s. The G20 pihg have the offset and cambered sole as ping g15 offset so I’ll take a look at setup with them as well. The scoring clubs did come in at D2, which felt perfect. Tops for look, feel and forgiveness; consistently longer than testers’ current drivers; the feel is just right between sharp and muffled; more responsive than the G10, center hits communicate a “crushed it” feel; draw-biased but not extreme—delivers gentle draws rather than duck-hooks that can plague other draw drivers; works as intended, corrects the big slice; improved ping g15 offset markings versus the G10; large effective hitting ping g15 offset no ofsfet sounds.

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As a beginner looking to upgrade from my first set of hand me down clubs, i would recommend this site for anyone on a budget the clubs are better than described. Let me know what you think?

Ping G15 Irons

KJ Choi being one of the most prevalent at this point. Club selection are now at least one club up on the clubs Ping g15 offset had before due to the great distance I can now get. I’ll go to an indoor facility tomorrow and test this out.

Originally Posted by Deano However, the redesigned cavity pushes the club from plain to pleasing. I had an MD driver with a draw bias. Went over to the G10 and it’s all sweetness and light.

The honest answer is that if the club is making you change your swing to hit pinb effectively then it’s time to change the club. The standard grips are ok at best ping g15 offset after changing it to Dri Tac grips it made a ping g15 offset difference.