January 4, at 3: It’s worked fine for some other people, apparently. Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. Since the whole Bumper’s just a pointless decoration, you could just bust the tabs that hold it in place and then fling the thing, I suppose. Belkin allege this “Bumper Design” shelf-thing to be a “Unique Element” which “adds stability, accuracy to your mouse”. But that’s assuming that you bother with an n30 in the first place, which I think you’ll agree is looking increasingly unlikely. There are 10 programmable keys on the Nostromo n50 – five on top, and five on the bottom.

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Super Clean Nostromo Speedpad N50 by Belkin | eBay

speedpad n50 Even in games like MechWarrior and Bridge Commander which already allows velocity to be bound to the mousewheelthis wheel speedpad n50 would still work. But I hadn’t set anything up to do anything yet. Your email address will not be published. Because the hat rests just below the left thumb no southpaw love here unless you kids are endowed with dexterous pinky fingers it’s a simple matter of reaching over and smacking a direction or two to access speedpad n50 features more advanced key ridden titles like Jedi Outcast or Deus Ex regularly require.

Apparently the throttle being advanced when you plug the n50 in can cause problems, if you’ve set the throttle up to send continuous key-press signals when it’s not centred.


September 28, at Ball mouses work fine speedpad n50 they’re new. A mouse of rare funkitude is essential, of course.

Speedpad n50 I get a spare moment I’ll try the SpeedPad on some more computers and see if I find one somewhere on which it functions. How to get the Belkin Nostromo N50 to work with Windows 7. This product speedpad n50 be worth taking a look at.

The eight-way pad’s less satisfying; it’s squishy, with no feedback to speak of. Please do not attach a file to your submission unless zpeedpad is relevent.

Belkin’s page for the Game Mouse. I think someone had left a comment about this speedpad n50 working, despite my best efforts, the comment has disappeared.


speedpad n50 Thank you, you saved my sleedpad and my game. Even the binding and setting up of profiles and loadouts is about as easy as it comes.

How to get the Belkin Nostromo N50 to work with Windows 7 and Windows 8

Speedpad n50 wheel has end-stops and no notchiness, but speedpad n50 otherwise the same as the nice-feeling n30 mouse wheel. The SpeedPad installation instructions sternly warn that Win users need to plug in the Pad before they install the software. The Nostromo n50 arrived from IndiWeb Shop in their usual high quality packaging. Speedpda you do need to have the loadout manager installed.


H50 are 4 shift speedpad n50 on the Nostromo n As an owner of the product speedpad n50 about 3 months, I must admit that this is surprisingly very well designed controller. A decent selection of controls but not so many as to be annoying, flexible support software, not too expensive, good looking, feels nice.

Please e-mail us if you have news. You might think that this mouse has four buttons, because it’s speefpad the wing button plus a wheel doohickey between its main speedpad n50. June 15, at I did it exactly as he instructed.

TouchSense might be handy for some users Worst points: Unless you hold the mouse unusually far back, that is. March 28, at 4: So it can buzz in a variety of different styles as you do speedpad n50 Windows tasks, and also give you game-console-style buzzy feedback when you’re playing games.

November 30, at Game Tests The first thing you notice when you take the speedpad n50 out of the box is how well it fits your hand.

Since the dawn of time man has struggled to do three things.