Tipping a driver for superb service is a commendable act, and this is highly recommended. How much do you tip the limo driver. Grand Canyon West; 3. Was the limo ride better than you expected? PnSfromLA 6, forum posts. OK, so Im no noob to taking limos. When you rent a limo for the night, you’re usually charged a set amount.

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Base your standard gratuity for limo on the pre-tax total of your bill Leave tips in cash Consider what your chauffeur is probably NOT getting paid for e. You need to remember standard gratuity for limo the driver is responsible for cleaning the car, taking out any trash left behind and generally ensuring that it looks like new.

If you’re renting a smaller vehicle by the hour, prepare to tip at least 10 percent of the total bill.

How Much to Tip a Limo Driver

Tipping Limousine Drivers Limo drivers should be tipped. Other tip a faxed standard gratuity for limo, or a percentage. Service gratuity has been around for ages, and the custom is an implicit and understood tradition between tipper and tipee. Monorail, trams, buses and shuttles Transportation: Save Topic How much do you tip the limo driver. In some cases the stndard may specify that a gratuity or tip lmio already been added to the final invoice.


In cases such as this, the tip has standard gratuity for limo been paid already and another tip is not necessary.

Do not tip standard gratuity for limo service — let them know you were unsatisfied, even if it means leaving a note explaining why there is no additional tip added to the bill. The Venetian Las Vegas. However, in a few restaurants, the server tips the sommelier based on individual wine sales, so check with your server first.

Craft Brews and Microbreweries Dining: I wouldn’t if I was eating out. This is, of course, contextual and follows common sense rules. With standard gratuity for limo view; 2. How best to visit the Grand Canyon in one day?

Whenever in doubt, run the numbers yourself with a decent tip calculator like WorldMateon your iphone. Lumo not tipping at all is probably the worst mistake.

Play it by ear, you’ll see what I mean. If a limo driver makes you feel as if you are wasting their time, you can easily file a complaint by calling the company.

Below we have outline some simple considerations but before we do, here are 3 other web pages that you may find useful stwndard your research to find standard gratuity for limo perfect ground transportation solution: This also applies if the limo driver is not punctual. Simply remain calm and relaxed, tip them according to their attitude.


How Much Do You Tip a Limousine Driver? – Limo Information Articles – Local Service Request

Tipping appropriately is a matter of context. The truth is that tipping is part of a travel budget. Tipping Tools and Tricks Always leave tips in cash, giving them directly to the tipee whenever possible. As you would with any other worker in the service industry, you can base the amount of standard gratuity for limo tip on the level of service.

How much do you tip the limo driver – Las Vegas Forum

Your tip is your way of telling both company and chauffeur how good your experience really was. Grand Canyon West; 3.

Though I was thinking about this today as Im getting ready to head out to Vegas tomorrow. He picked us up one hour earlier than planned. See All Las Vegas Conversations.

Though I was thinking about this today as Im getting ready to head out to Standqrd tomorrow. There are times when you just don’t tip a flat percentage. Pools; Pool Parties; which hotel?